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Mediation Services

Community Mediation

Mediation Information

The Community Mediation program offers community members access to mediation services that will help resolve conflicts within their neighborhoods and communities.  Mediation is a way for people to resolve their disputes in a private confidential setting with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation is non-judgmental, confidential, and voluntary.

Issues That Can Be Mediated

- Neighborhood conflicts such as noise, pets, property, trespassing, or disagreements between neighbors or roommates

- Landlord/Tenant issues like payment of rent, repairs, property damage, guests, noise, communication, etc. 

Benefits of Mediation

As a community mediation center, CMC is well grounded in mediating community disputes. While the outcome of mediation is determined by the parties, the mediator helps the parties to listen, understand one another, and come to a mutually beneficial resolution. When those in conflict are given the opportunity to work out their differences, stronger relationships are built and better communication is fostered, leading to a more peaceful community. For landlords, mediation is a free option to try before filing an eviction.



There are no fees for community mediation services involving individuals, like landlords and tenants, or neighbors.

Scheduling a Mediation

After you reach out to us about a conflict, our staff will help you determine the best way to request that the other party participate in the mediation. Then, we will speak to the parties involved individually to learn more about their perspective on the situation. If everyone agrees to move forward, the mediation session will be scheduled.


Mediation sessions are generally scheduled for ninety minute time blocks. Many issues can be resolved in one ninety minute session, however, some conflicts may take multiple sessions to work through. 

To make a referral or ask questions:

Please contact us at 216-621-1919 or send a message below.

Request a Session

Thanks for contacting CMC. 

Community Mediation Intake Form
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