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Facilitation Training

Cleveland Mediation Center

Since our inception, Cleveland Mediation Center has been involved in training mediators, initially training those interested in acting as volunteer mediators at CMC. As our reputation in training grew, CMC began to offer mediation training to the general public. We offer our Fundamentals of Mediation Training several times each year, and Advanced Mediation training courses periodically for those who have completed the Fundamentals class.

Introduction to Facilitation and Advanced Facilitation Skills

This interactive 6-hour training will provide an introduction to group facilitation and also present advanced facilitation skills. Participants will learn the basics of facilitating meetings and other group conversations, will learn key skills to use when issues arise, will have the opportunity to practice facilitating, and will have an opportunity to refine their skill set and address conflict occurring within teams.

Cost is $250 for the training, which will take place via the Zoom web conferencing platform.

August 21, 20249:00 am - 3:00 pm EST


Participants will have an hour break for lunch

Contact us at (216) 621-1919 if you have any questions or to schedule a training for your group or organization.


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