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Shelter Services

Shelter Mediation Program

Cleveland Mediation Center offers mediation and conflict coaching services to Cleveland area shelters.

Mediators work to help repair communication between shelter residents and staff to prevent involuntary shelter discharges and to help parties build a housing plan.

For more information or to schedule a mediation, contact Steven Molnar at (216) 621-1919 ext. 6803 or .

Diversion Program


Diversion Advocates meet persons as they enter the homeless shelter system (Coordinated Intake) to help parties determine if there are safe and appropriate alternatives to shelter. Advocates empower persons to explore options and engage in conflict resolution with friends and family if appropriate, and in some cases may offer financial assistance to prevent homelessness or shelter stays.


Cleveland Mediation Center also offers Shelter Diversion training to communities, organizations, or CoC’s that are interested in using Diversion as a tool to prevent homelessness. We have done Diversion trainings in Washington, Oregon, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, California, and more!

Click here for more information about Diversion training.

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