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On its list serve, the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) is discussing book clubs at mediation centers. If I were to suggest some readings to be discussed they would be:

The Mediator’s Handbook, Beer. This is an excellent new addition for practice skills. We use it for our Fundamentals training.

The Making of a Mediator, Lang and Taylor. Heralded as the seminal work for reflective practice.

Mediating Dangerously, Cloke. Pushes the envelope on mediator neutrality and asking the ‘elephant in the room’ question.

Beyond Neutrality, Mayer. Suggests that resolution is not an attainable or enviable goal, while broadening the role of the mediator.

Finally, while not a mediation or practice book, Dan Pallotta’s, Uncharitable, has created a stir with a unique twist on the corporatization of non-profits.

I would recommend these to anyone who is interested in mediation. If you would like to chat about them please send an email to to let us know. If enough people are interested we’ll pick a book and go for it!

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