Statement to the Community

As individuals struggle to be heard in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, here in Cleveland, and across the country, Cleveland Mediation Center stands at the ready to amplify underrepresented voices that are crying out for justice, dignity, and equality. We hear you. We are listening.

As we have done for over 30 years, Cleveland Mediation Center will move forward by promoting a just and peaceful community, honoring all people, building their capacity to act, and facilitating opportunities for them to engage in conflict constructively. This is the call that both guides us and will bring the entire community to the table to create meaningful change.

Cleveland Mediation Center promotes public, social, and civil engagement and dialogue among differing points of view in order to realize a deep appreciation of the diversity in what it is to be human. Over the next several months, Cleveland Mediation Center will be proactively creating opportunities for honest discussion, engaging our staff in next steps, collaborating with community partners, and creating spaces for community dialogue.

We welcome and encourage contact from anyone in the community who wants to join us as we work toward a vision of a community of individuals who feel their lives are valued and their voices are heard.

For more information about Cleveland Mediation Center or how to be involved, please contact Katheen Jackson, our Executive Director, at

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