Looking to the Future: CMC's Strategic Plan

CMC is excited to announce that we have engaged Ascend Advisors to lead the agency in the formation of a new strategic plan!

Ascend Advisors, LLC is a Cleveland-based consulting firm begun in December 2013 lead by Allison Motz, M.P.A. and the team of: Matthew Selker, B.B.A., M.P.A., Brandie Smith, M.P.A., Bill Grulich, and DL Meckes.

Our firm provides total project management and includes a full spectrum of management and executive services to organizations. We conduct strategic plans, succession planning, fund development strategies, and marketing support.

Our team is focused on a shared vision of a strong and stable non-profit community that nurtures the highest levels of human potential. Our mission is advancing organizations that strengthen lives and communities.

CMC staff and Board members attended a Kick-off event in November to start the process and will complete the organizational assessment phase in January 2016.

The team at Ascend is busy meeting with staff members, Board members, clients, funders, and more to learn about our history as well as to help us create a shared vision for our future!

As a supporter and stakeholder of Cleveland Mediation Center, we want to hear from you! Please take 5-7 minutes to tell us your aspirations for Cleveland Mediation Center using our online survey by clicking here.

If you have questions or comments, please free to reach the Ascend Advisors team at allison.motz@att.net or call (216) 548-2014.

Stay tuned for more about the process and great directions CMC is headed in!

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