Board of Directors 2016

Since the start of 2015, many new members have joined the Cleveland Mediation Center Board of Directors. These new members have energized and motivated us, and are bringing new perspectives and ideas to CMC. Thank you to all of our Board Members, new and seasoned, for your continued commitment to CMC’s success.

We extend special thanks to Ken Schneck, our 2015 board president, for all he did for CMC over the past year. Ken brought energy and enthusiasm to the Board, along with a desire to do more and be more, which has pushed us to think about things in new ways.

The Board of Directors voted in January and we are excited to have the following members as the 2016 Executive Committee:

President: Matt Mennes

Vice President: Obie Okuh

Secretary: Carolyn Brown

Treasurer: Roger Bundy

Matt Mennes has served on CMC’s board since 2014. Obie, Carolyn, and Roger all joined in 2015.

We are excited to officially welcome Angela Dash, Erika Jefferson, Carmen Lane, and Derek Pratt, who joined the board in 2015.

As always, thank you to our returning board members; Keith Benjamin (2001), DeAndre Benson (2014), and Patrick Coy (2004).

Big thanks to all of our 2016 Board members! We look forward to another successful year!

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