Welcome, Lehman!

We are pleased to welcome Lehman Busbee back to our staff!

Lehman is currently a Mediation Coordinator and Diversion Trainer with Cleveland Mediation Center. He was involved in the planning, design, and implementation of the Homeless Diversion Program in Cleveland / Cuyahoga Counties’ Homeless Coordinated Intake System. He also facilitates CMC's Diversion Training program for homeless service personnel throughout the United States.

Prior to his current role, Lehman was the Diversion Program Manager with Cleveland Mediation Center from October 2009 until June 2016; SSVF (Shelter Services for Veterans and Families) Program Manager from June 2019 until December 2016; Social Services Manager at North Point Transitional Shelter December 2019 until September 2019.

Lehman holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Public Administration (MPA), a graduate certificate in Non-profit management and numerous Adult services certifications. He’s also trained in Basic Mediation, Advanced Mediation, Family and Divorce Mediation as well as Diversion processes and techniques. He has more than 15 years of practical experience serving Special Needs Adults and Persons experiencing Homelessness including those with mental illness and substance dependency.

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