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Staff Directory

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Danielle Cosgrove


​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6810

Danielle Cosgrove is the Director of Cleveland Mediation Center. Danielle has 18 years of experience working in the non-profit sector with over ten years working in the field of mediation and conflict resolution. Ms. Cosgrove worked at Cleveland Mediation Center from 2006-2013, most recently on the senior staff team as the Director of Programs and Development. Prior to her work at CMC, Ms. Cosgrove mediated custody and visitation issues with unmarried parents and school attendance cases. Ms. Cosgrove also has a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution.

Ms. Cosgrove is overseeing the day to day operations of CMC, developing relationships with new community partners, expanding and publicizing CMC’s training offerings, and exploring new areas of expansion.

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Tracy Callahan

Jail Shelter Diversion Advocate

​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6807

Tracy is a graduate of Tuskegee Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has served 15 years in the United States Army. Tracy was honorably discharged in 2000.

Tracy began his career with Cleveland Mediation Center in November 2010 as a Mediation and Diversion Advocate, working with residents of the men and womens shelters of greater Cleveland to assist them with finding alternatives to shelter. Tracy has also worked in collaboration with the SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) program to assist veterans living in shelter and supporting them with financial assistance to help veterans leave shelter and enter into stable housing.

Tracy is currently responsible for facilitating mediations in partnership with homeless shelters in the Cuyahoga County Continuum of Care.

Steven Molnar

Mediation Advocate Supervisor

​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6803

Steven Molnar obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Management with a focus on mediation and health from Cleveland State University in Fall of 2013. This caused him look into and start working with Cleveland Mediation Center as a volunteer in January 2014 for the Family Shelter Mediation Program. He continued his path in the conflict resolution field by fulfilling the criteria needed to become a Rule 16 qualified mediator, as designated by the Ohio Supreme Court.


Steven currently manages CMC's Family Shelter Mediation Program which works with Central Intake and homeless shelters in Cuyahoga County to prevent shelter residents from being involuntarily discharged. Additionally, he mediates cases for The Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) Program to help finalize agreements between landlords and tenants to continue their tenancies.


Cara Guidaitis

Mediation Advocate, Landlord Tenant

​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6805

Before becoming a Mediation Advocate at Cleveland Mediation Center, Cara was a Prevention Case Manager for Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). Cara is from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Youngstown State in 2019 with a Political Science Degree. While in school, she worked for AmeriCorps VISTA to identify and address gaps in service in the homeless veteran community in Mahoning County. She has a passion for politics and has since specialized in homeless services. Cara's goal to become as well versed as possible in the phenomena of homelessness and the services available in Cleveland, Ohio. She plans to use this information to influence and create policies that truly help people experiencing homelessness.

Since Cara began working for FrontLine Service in August of 2019 she has had the
opportunity to experience many positions ranging from Supportive Services for Veteran Families to Coordinated Intake where she assessed clients’ needs for crisis and shelter services. Cara has found that mediation and conflict resolution is an important component in almost every department in the agency and this sparked her first interest in being a mediator.


Cara says she is obsessed with all things politics and in her free time she has taken up being a pretty bad photographer. She enjoys opportunities to get a unique photoshoot in, reading poetry, and going to the comedy club.


Victoria Niles

Mediation Advocate, Shelter

​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6808

Victoria earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Notre Dame College. In 2019, she completed the Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Short-Term Certificate Program at Tri-C.


Victoria began working for Frontline Service in 2012 with the Mobile Crisis Team as a Referral and Information Specialist. She provided crisis intervention to adults and children, community resources, assistance to community referrals, and suicide prevention. She has over twenty years of mental health experience.

Victoria is primarily responsible for mediating Shelter Mediations and mediates Neighbor to Neighbor and Landlord and Tenant Mediations as well.


Kareemah Hairston

Mediation Advocate, Landlord Tenant

​(216) 621-1919 ext. 6804


Kareemah Hairston is a Cleveland native and graduate of Kent State University in Applied Conflict Management. Originally studying political science and philosophy; she was introduced to the field of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at Cuyahoga Community College. Very quickly she realized that enthralling herself in this field of study would equip her with the language and tools to do her life’s work.

Kareemah has nearly 10 years of experience supporting and facilitating change work processes in communities and organizations. Kareemah is most fulfilled when she is collaborating and equipping individuals with skills that support how to navigate and create more sustainable, equitable, and just communities. Her continuous work in program and workshop development, group facilitation design, and guiding collaborative work processes, has advanced her expertise in fostering spaces for communities to learn and grow together through dialogue-based practices that nurture understanding and challenges institutional and systemic inequities.

Today, she is a proud Mediation Advocate at Cleveland Mediation Center, with a primary focus on tenant/landlord disputes. Kareemah also stays on her toes with consultant work. In her spare time, she enjoys brain-tingling conversation, any and all creative pursuits, walks with nature, and savoring a nice cup of spiced tea.

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