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Family Mediation

Mediation Information

The Family Mediation Program provides mediation for dissolution of marriage, parenting plans, and custody agreements. We also provide mediation services to families with situations including parent/child conflict, grandparent or extended family visitation, care of elder parents, and sibling conflict. Mediation is a way for family members to resolve their disputes in a private confidential setting with the assistance of a neutral third party whose role is to assist the parties in reaching an agreement on disputed items by identifying issues, exploring options, facilitating communication between the parties, and recording the agreements reached.

Divorce Mediation

Divorcing parties may choose to work with a mediator to help them talk about and make decisions about issues in a divorce. Working with a mediator can be an excellent option if parties want to make decisions together and need some help to do so. Parties must both be willing to come together and negotiate in good faith during the mediation. We recommend that both parties have their own attorney, however attorneys need not be present or represent parties in mediation. The mediator will work directly with the divorcing parties to help them discuss, weigh, and select possible outcomes together. Mediation is both more affordable and more satisfying than litigation.


The fee for family mediation is $225 per 90 minute session, to be split between the parties involved. We also offer an income based sliding fee scale for those that qualify.

Mediation Process

After you contact CMC about a conflict, information sheets will be sent to all parties. Once returned, CMC staff meets separately with those involved at an intake interview. The mediator hears the parties stories and concerns, ascertains that everyone is freely choosing to participate, and determines if mediation is appropriate. If everyone agrees to move forward, the  mediation session will be scheduled and payment arrangements are made.


Mediation sessions are generally scheduled for ninety minute time blocks. Many issues can be resolved in one ninety minute session, however, some conflicts may take multiple sessions to work through. 

All CMC mediators have fulfilled the requirements set by the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio in the Rule of Superintendence #16. CMC mediation staff has been active in the mediation field for over fifteen years, with the majority of these years of experience and training in custody, visitation, and family mediation.

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